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Frequently Asked Questions

For Applicants
For Current Tenants
For Moving Tenants

For Applicants

Question: How do I arrange to view an available apartment?
Answer: Call our office at (305) 665-7711 to set up an appointment. We will arrange a time to meet you at the property. Please arrive promptly. Saturday viewings can be arranged. We will have applications available, but you can bring one already filled out so you will be able to give it at the time of the viewing so you won't have to fax it or drop it off later.

Question: I would like to lease an apartment, what do I do?
Answer: First, fill out an application. You can download one here. For the safety of our tenants, applications are screened by a service which checks criminal history as well as provides a basic credit rating. Next, email, fax, or drop off the application at our office. Once you are approved, you can come to our office to sign the lease and take the keys. Note: Linda Court, Inc. does not charge an application fee.

Question: What is the term of your leases?
Answer: Our lease is a standard one year lease. Other lease terms, such as month-to-month agreements can be negotiated for existing tenants wanting to renew for a term less than one year, but the rent amount for such agreements is slightly higher. Upon moving in, the security deposit in full and the first month's rent are due. The security deposit cannot be used as the last month's rent.

Question: Do you allow pets?
Answer: Sorry, but we do not allow pets.

Question: Do you allow smoking?
Answer: Smoking is prohibited.

Question: What if I'm late with my rent payment?
Answer: If rent is received more than five days late there shall be a 5% late charged assessed. For returned checks, a $30 charge is assessed.

Question: Do you have restrictions on how many people can live in the apartment?
Answer: Yes. Studio apartmOne bedroom apartments can have a maximum of two residents. Two bedrooms can have a maximum of three residents.

Question: Who's in charge of maintenance?
Answer: We have full-time maintenance staff. We have several Coral Gables properties so we often are able to respond to problems the same day or the following day. As far as cleaning, the maintenance staff is in charge of the common areas, but the tenant is in charge of the cleanliness of their own unit. If there is a problem such as a running toilet or a broken air conditioner, call our office and we will respond as soon as possible.

Question: What utilities are included as part of the rent?
Answer: This can vary according to buildings, but typically for our apartments, water and garbage is included in the rent. The tenant is responsible for electric, phone, cable TV, internet access, and anything else.

Question: I just moved in, how do I set up my utilities?
Answer: Call the following numbers to set up the corresponding utilities.
FPL (electric): (305) 442-8770
AT&T (phone): 1-(888) 757-6500
Comcast (cable TV and high speed internet)

Question: The cable company wants to run wires all over the walls of my apartment! How do I stop him?!
Answer: We do our best to set up our apartments pre-wired for cable television. Try to get the installer to patch in to our existing wires when he hooks up the cable. If for some reason he cannot, or your apartment is not pre-wired, ask him if he can run the wires inconspicuously.

For Current Tenants

Question: What happens when my lease expires?
Answer: Approximately 2 months before your lease expires, we will mail you a lease renewal. It will contain two copies and a information card. Sign both copies and fill out the information card and return both copies. We will then sign them and return your copy.

Question: My lease is up for renewal, but I think I'll be moving within the next year and don't want to sign a one year lease. Can I go month-to-month?
Answer: Call our office. We are flexible and will work something out. Month-to-month agreements are typically slightly higher rent.

Question: The building I live in has parking, but it is not reserved, can I reserve a spot?
Answer: Sorry, but no. Parking is first come first serve and is for tenants only. If neighbors are parking their cars in our lots, please notify our office.

Question: My air conditioner filter is dirty, what do I do?
Answer: If you have a wall unit air conditioner, the filter can be removed and cleaned. On some models the filter slides out from the top of the cover, while others you must unclip the cover to remove the filter. Either way no tools are required. To clean the filter, wash it with warm water in the sink or bathtub. Allow the filter to dry for 30 minutes before putting the filter back in and turning on the machine. For central A/Cs, the filters are usually disposable. Make sure you get ones that are the same size as the old one. Filters should be changed or replaced monthly for optimal performance. A clean filter makes the A/C more efficient, thus reducing electricity.

Question: What's that beeping sound?
Answer: It's probably your smoke detector telling you that the battery is dead or that its broken. If you are capable, you can change the battery yourself. If not, call our maintenance staff. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE SMOKE DETECTOR!

Question: Are my possesions covered under your insurance?
Answer: No. We strongly encourage our tenants to obtain renters insurance.

Question: Coral Gables is beautiful, but what happens if we are threatened by another hurricane?
Answer: We care for the safety of our tenants and encourage them to evacuate to a sheltor. We know this might not always be possible. If you decided to ride out the storm in your apartment, please make sure that you are away from any windows. Understand that there is a possibility that the electicity might be out for weeks. Make sure you have plenty or water and food (2 weeks worth) as well as batteries, a portable radio/TV, a first aid kit, cash, . Our staff will be out shortly after the storm to inspect any damage. All of our buildings are concrete block structures and have survived many storms over the years.

For Moving Tenants

Question: I want to leave at the end of my current lease.
Answer: Please give us written notice. By law, notice of non-renewal must be given minumum 30 days in advanced.

Question: I need to move now and break the lease.
Answer: We understand that unforeseen circumstances might require you move before the end of your lease. Notify us as soon as possible. We will make a best effort to the apartment rented again as soon as possible. We ask you to help out in finding a new tenant. According to the lease, if you break the lease, you will be liable for loss rent until someone new moves in.

Question: When will I receive my security deposit?
Answer: First, make sure you provide a forwarding address so we can mail you your security deposit. After the apartment has been inspected, your deposit will be mailed to you as soon as possible (usually within two weeks). If any deductions were made, an explanation will be given to the tenant.

Question: Will I receive the full amount of my security deposit?
Answer: If there is damage or abuse to the apartment including but not limited to: damaged carpet/hardwood/tile, damaged walls, additional locks put on the door, damaged cabinets, broken/missing light fixtures, damaged appliances due to abuse, items left behind, or excess filth left in the apartment, we may deduct a portion or all (if necessary) to fix the problems. Most of the time we do not have problems when our tenants move. The majority of our tenants receive their security deposit in full.

Question: What do I do with the keys?
Answer: Contact our office. You will be asked to either leave them in the apartment on the counter, drop them off at our office, or leave them with a manager/staff member on site.

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